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The Brand

Modern wheels have to unite several characteristics to be successful. Easy usage, an up-to-date design philosophy and highest quality standards as well as a selection for a vast range of car models. “Not an easy task”, went through the mind of the swedish inventors when they gathered to create a new rim brand at the end of the 90’s.

Easy to apply on every vehicle, easy in terms of approval documents and simply the best with regards to the product price ratio.But where to start? Discussing a product program? Debating about finish varieties and process chains?

No, easier. Simplicity in it’s purest form, that is the goal and achievement of a brand, which was conducted by experts who have up to 40 years of experience. It is a result of expertise from different sources, Amring in Sweden, the Conti Banden Group in Netherlands and Reifen Gundlach in Germany. Driven by these parties, OXXO is equipped with everything it needs to be distributed all over Europe and the World. The brand name is a so called anagram, and can be read in both directions so never to be confused.

Approvals by the German TÜV are included as well as ECE documents. Well chosen manufacturerers, certified process chains, best materials and robust surface finishes are the basis for top modern wheel designs for the European Market.

OXXO Alloy Wheels – Because it just fits!