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Elan Black

Elan Black
Elan Black

This wheel has been made to demonstrate elegance and sportivity at the same time. It has been made for vehicles of the brand Mercedes and offers a tricky multi-spoke design with certain dynamics. OXXO Wheels also counts on the "Plug 'n Play" mentality with this wheel. The so called ECE-standard provides the ease of use that a special entry into the car's approval documents is not necessary. This wheel is available in two colors - silver and black.




Dimension Holes RRP (in €)
6,5 x 16 H2
5x112109,00 €
7,0 x 16 H2
5x112110,00 €
6,5 x 17 H2
5x112130,00 €
7,0 x 17 H2
5x112131,00 €
7,5 x 17 H2
5x112133,00 €
7,5 x 18 H2
5x112165,00 €
8,0 x 18 H2
5x112166,00 €
8,5 x 18 H2
5x112167,00 €
8,0 x 19 H2
5x112194,00 €
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