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DesignsDynamic wheel designs for almost every car - made by passionists!
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ConfiguratorMount your favourite wheel on your current car - live and in 3D!
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DownloadsApplication certificates for the German TUV - download here.
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Welcome to OXXO Alloy Wheels

OXXO Alloy Wheels – Simplicity and style, represented in a brand name which expresses the ideals of these alloy wheels straight and clear. Almost all wheels of OXXO do have a German TÜV approval.

In addition, our custom developed plug & play solution wheels fit nicely to your car with regards to two categories – perfect handling and at the same time, they meet technical requirements seamlessly. What better way to change the look of your car in three easy steps. Buy, Mount, Go – Because it just fits.

There is no comparison, if you prefer matt black or shiny silver, all these designs have one thing in common – highest quality standards and one of the finest finishes on the market.

As our guarantee to customer expresses, almost every OXXO Alloy Wheel is sold with up to 4 years of warranty. Technically simple to handle but uncomparable in quality and design. These are the facts that make OXXO the solution for everyone, who has the desire to bring their vehicle to the next level!”